Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges product information & technical help guides for devices which incorporate pressure sensing technology and a means to visually display the pressure reading in one instrument. Pressure gauges may be battery powered or externally powered, and mounted on a process connection, to a wall, clamped on a pipe, or into a instrumentation panel.

Digital Pressure Gauge Guide

LEO1 Digital Pressure Gauge

This guide will help you choose a digital pressure gauge by pointing you to the best product with a particular feature or function

LEO2 / LEO 2 Ei Digital Pressure Gauge / Manometer

LEO2 Digital Pressure Gauge

Handheld battery powered digital manometer in pressure ranges from -1 to 3 bar up to 700 bar with an accuracy of 0.1% full scale with 6 pressure units, zero tare & peak hold display functions and optional ATEX approval for intrinsic safety.

ADT681 Digital Pressure Gauge

ADT681 Panel Mount

The ADT681 digital pressure gauge family covers a wide range of pressures from as low as 1 inH20 differential to as high as 36,000 psi gauge.

Low range Pascals pressure gauge for measuring around 100 Pa

2000 Digital Manometer

I am looking for a pressure gauge to measure around 100 Pascals, which I will be using it to measure pressure under a plastic barrier, a bit like a balloon so looking for the easiest way to do it. The 2000 series is a differential pressure meter and has a low range option of 0 […]

Cardinal Points

Cardinal points are the markings around the outside of a round analogue gauge dial which define the measurement increment divisions.

Bourdon Tube

Bourdon Tube is a flattened length of thin hollow metal tubing which is formed into a C shape.

450 mmHg vacuum range pressure gauge


The Baroli 05 pressure gauge can be supplied with a negative gauge vacuum range and display the pressure in millimetres of mercury (mmHg) pressure units.

3000 psi high pressure calibration hand pump and gauge

PGS700 Case LEX1

High pressure hand pump and electronic digital pressure gauge for calibrating pressures up to 3000 psi max.  This calibration kit includes a manually operated high pressure handpump, a high pressure test hose, set of NPT and BSP adapters for connecting to a variety of thread sizes, and a robust transit case with foam insets and […]

Clean Room Monitor for Air Differential Pressure, Temperature and Humidity – PMDS4


The PMDS4 clean room monitor is designed for positive and negative monitoring of  differential air pressure between the inside and outside of a clean room. Due to the construction of the device it can be directly installed into a wall partition between rooms. Up to four additional sensors for monitoring temperature and humidity can be connected […]

Vacuum range manometer for leak testing in hazardous areas


Intrinsically safe manometer which can read from a few mbar absolute to atmospheric pressure for investigating vacuum leaks. DM01 Multi-Range High Accuracy Pressure Gauge Sensor Module 1: 1.6 bar (23 psi) absolute Sensor Module 2: 100 mbar (1.5 psi) absolute Sensor Module 3: Not required Process Connection: G1/4 DIN3852 male ATEX IS Approval: Yes Calibration […]

20 cmH20 digital manometer with Hi and Lo alarm switch

DS210 Combined Low Pressure Switch, Indicator and Sensor

Digital manometer with pressure range from 0 to 20 centimetres of water column with a High and Low alarm to monitor pressure in a ventilator. DS210 Low Pressure Manometer and Alarm Switch Pressure Range: 20 cmH2O g Output Signal: None Electrical Connection: DIN plug Pressure Connection: G1/4 DIN3852 male Switch Contacts: 2 PNP contacts

Backlit 10 bar digital pressure gauge


Digital pressure gauge for reading 0 to 10 bar gauge water pressure including auto-off function, field adjustable units, backlight display and min/max reading recall. DM01 Digital Pressure Gauge Sensor Module 1: 10 bar (145 psi) gauge Process Connection: 1/2 NPT male Data Logging: USB cable and LOG readout software Calibration Certificate: Basic cal report

5000 psi data logging gauge for measuring hydraulic pressures

DM01 Multi-Range Logging Pressure Gauge

  Hydraulic data logging pressure gauge to measure pressures up to 5,000 psi that can log data either to its own file and work with a Laptop computer. DM01 Multi-Range High Accuracy Pressure Gauge Sensor Module 1: 400 bar (5800 psi) gauge Process Connection: 1/4 NPT male Data Logging: USB cable and DAQ laptop software […]

30 psi gauge or differential hand-held pressure indicator

2000 Digital Manometer

  Hand held pressure gauge with a pressure range from 0 to 30 psi for general purpose applications to measure gauge reference or differential pressure. 2000 Digital Manometer Pressure Range: 2 bar g/diff (2022P7) Protective rubber boot cover: Black Length of Nylon tubing if required (metres): 4 T piece for Nylon tubing: 2 Calibration Certificate […]

10 psi vacuum air and 50 psi water pressure gauge and data logger

DM01 head and sensor

Logging pressure gauge with dual range pressure sensor modules for measuring moist air from -10 psi up to 0 psi vacuum and water from 0 to 50 psi. DM01 Multi-Range High Accuracy Pressure Gauge Sensor Module 1: 0 to -1 bar (-14.5 psi) gauge Sensor Module 2: 4 bar (58 psi) gauge Process Connection: G1/4 […]

30 ounces per square inch range pressure gauge with built-in logger

DM01 Multi-Range Logging Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauge with range from 0 to 30 oz/sq in, with intrinsically safe certification, which can record pressure readings for a specified time period, and is able to download recorded pressure readings through a USB connection. DM01 Logging Pressure Gauge Sensor Module 1: 160 mbar (2.3 psi) gauge Process Connection: 1/4 NPT male ATEX IS […]

Printer and copier toner compatible 60 psi Flush Pressure Gauge and Switch


Flush diaphragm pressure gauge with switch contacts for measuring pressures of toner used in printers and copiers from 5 to 60 psi. DS200P Flush Diaphragm Pressure Gauge and Switch Pressure Range: 60 psi g Output Signal: None (PNP switch contact only) Switch Contacts: 1 PNP contact(standard) Accuracy: 0.35% FS >0.4bar, 0.5% FS <=0.4bar (std) Electrical […]

6 bar g flush diaphragm pressure switch with built-in display

DS200P Triclamp

Electronic pressure switch with 2 programmable switch outputs, an integrated display and a front flush diaphragm to measure be set over the range of 0…6bar. DS200P Sanitary Low Range Switch and Display Pressure Range: 6 bar g Output Signal: None (PNP switch contact only) Switch Contacts: 2 PNP contacts (not ATEX) Accuracy: 0.35% FS >0.4bar, […]

300 psi intrinsically safe digital pressure gauge


Digital pressure gauge for measuring 0-300 psi which is intrinsically safe for use in potential flammable zones. DM01 Multi-Range High Accuracy Pressure Gauge Sensor Module 1: 25 bar (360 psi) gauge Sensor Module 2: Not required Sensor Module 3: Not required Process Connection: G1/2 DIN3852 male ATEX IS Approval: Yes Data Logging: USB cable and […]

Combined readout and transmitter for measuring up to 250 bar Methane gas

DS200 with M12 and G1/4 male DIN3852

Local display mounted on a sensor with a two wire 4 to 20mA signal running out to measure the pressure of a 250 bar methane gas supply line. DS200 Combined Pressure Gauge and Sensor Part No: 780-2503-E-1-3-100-100-1-000 Pressure Range: 250 bar sg Output Signal: 4-20 mA (2 wire) Accuracy: 0.35% FS >0.4 bar, 0.5% FS […]

Tattletale pressure gauge for recording highest and lowest readings over 160 psi


Tattle-tale pressure gauge for measuring water pressure from 0 to 160 pounds per square inch which shows the highest pressure and allows the operator to reset the gauge and record the next highest pressure.  This pressure gauge can record both the highest and lowest pressure over any time period between manual resets. DM10 Low Cost […]

400 bar digital pressure gauge with 0.25 accuracy class


Pressure test instrument for measuring pressures from 0-400 bar with an accuracy class of 0.25. Baroli 05 Industrial Digital Pressure Gauge Pressure Range: 400 bar g Accuracy: 0.25% FS BFSL Pressure Connection: G1/4 male EN837

4 barg range pressure gauge with digital readout and 1/4 inch bsp mount

DM10 Low Cost Battery Powered Pressure Gauge

0 to 4 bar range digital pressure gauge with 1/4 bsp male thread fitting for direct mounting.  Powered by an internal 3V Lithium battery type CR2450 x 1 with user selectable functions for changing pressure units and storing highest and lowest measured pressure values. DM10 Low Cost Battery Powered Pressure Gauge Pressure Range: 4.0 bar gauge […]

Differences between LEO2 and LEO1 digital pressure gauge


What are the differences between the LEO1 and the LEO2 digital pressure gauge and what are the advantages/disadvantages of each? The main differences between the LEO 1 and LEO 2 are as follows: Plastic housing The LEO1 has a larger 76mm diameter face and plastic housing which can be rotated in either direction depending on the […]

Vacuum gauge for minus 150 mbar range with a 0.1 mbar display resolution


We are looking to measure have to measure vacuum from zero to -150mbar to a resolution of 0.1 milibar. Which pressure gauge could we use to measure this vacuum? The Baroli is a precision digital pressure gauge would have a 0.08 mbar resolution worst case for a range of 0 to -160 mbar gauge. Although […]

Vacuum gauge to measure both absolute and negative gauge pressure

LEX1 High Accuracy Digital Pressure Gauge

We are wondering whether the LEX1 high precision pressure gauge is suitable for our purpose or not. We would like to use it for the purpose of checking vacuum pressure as an positive pressure and also as a negative pressure depending on the type of vacuum equipment we are testing, is this possible with the […]

200 metres of water column head pressure gauge

DM10 Low Cost Battery Powered Pressure Gauge

I am looking for a digital display pressure gauge which will read hydrostatic pressure up to 200 meters head, preferably with a 1/4BSP male thread and battery powered. Can you advise which products can do this? The following pressure gauge has the capability to measure up to 200 metres of water column and display in […]

Low range Intrinsically safe digital gauge for monitoring 150mbar pressure

I am looking for a digital pressure gauge which is suitable for use in an intrinsically safe zone which will measure between 0mbar – 150mbar, what do you suggest? The LEO Record Capo is a low range atex approved digital pressure gauge and the 300 mbar gauge range would be suitable for measuring over the […]

Pressure gauge for connecting to a laptop and producing client reports

LEX1 High Accuracy Digital Pressure Gauge

I am looking for a digital pressure gauge to measure the integrity of threaded pipe joints, I will be testing with air up to 7 bar, the digital pressure gauge should be able to read in real time and at the same time display data on a laptop computer. I will also need the ability […]

270 degC gas pressure indicator

300degC cooling element for dmk331p

We are looking for a digital pressure indicator for use with high temperature gas to a maximum temperature of  270 degC, we want to use it occasionally and not in continuous operation, please you point us to a suitable product. If the surrounding air temperature is significantly lower below 80 degC we would suggest either the DMK331P […]

Low cost 10 mWG digital pressure gauge

I’m looking for a low cost digital pressure gauge which can display in mH2O pressure units up to 10 meters of water, can you suggest a suitable instrument? We would suggest the Baroli with the lower price ceramic sensor option which can be used as a hydrostatic level pressure gauge. A 1 bar gauge range […]

Gauge for reading 100 mbar absolute range with 0.1 mbar resolution

19999 reading resolution on baroli digital pressure gauge

Can you please guide us to which absolute digital pressure gauge will measure over 0 – 10mbara and 0 – 100mbara with at least a 0.1mbar resolution. We would suggest a Baroli which is an digital pressure gauge for low absolute ranges. A 100 mbar absolute range will be accurate to 0.5 mbar, but the […]

Precision psi pressure gauge for IS zones

I am looking for a digital pressure gauge which can read in psi units, is ATEX approved for intrinsic safety, has max / min reading storage and will measure to an accuracy of 0.05%FS, what do you recommend? We would suggest the LEX1 which is a high precision pressure gauge that satisfies all your requirements.

10 mbar reading resolution with 100 bar pressure range

Do you have a digital manometer with a datalogger and a 10 mBar resolution for a working pressure of up to 100 bar? Just like the LEO1 digital manometer but with more resolution. A 200 bar range LEX1 high accuracy digital pressure gauge has a measurement accuracy of ±100 mbar with a reading resolution of […]

2000 Digital Manometer

2000 Digital Manometer

Hand-held portable manometer for measuring positive and negative pressure ranges from 25 mbar up to 10 bar gauge or differential plus a 2 bar absolute.

DPG2400 Precision Pressure Indicator

DPG2400 Precision Pressure Indicator

High accuracy desktop pressure gauge for calibration and metrology laboratories with an accuracy of ±0.03% FS covering pressure ranges from up to 400 bar.