dyn/cm2 – Dyne per Square Centimetre Pressure Unit

Dyne per Square Centimeter is one of the smallest pressure units and is derived from the CGS unit for force where 1 Dyne equals 1 gram accelerated by 1 centimeter per second per second. 1 Dyne per Square Centimetre equals 0.1 Pascals.

The dyn/cm^2 is mainly used for pressures associated with the measurement of shear stress and is strongly linked to the measurement of surface tension where dyne/cm is a commonly used unit.

You will find conversion values for 1 dyn/cm2 into other pressure units in the table below.

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View how dyn/cm2 is derived from SI units and identify a unit from the different ways of writing dyn/cm2.

dyn/cm² Pressure Conversion Factors

Please note that the conversion factors above are accurate to 6 significant figures.

dyn/cm² Derivation

The calculation below shows how the pressure unit Dyne per Square Centimetre (dyn/cm²) is derived from SI Units.


  • Pressure = Force / Area
  • Force = Mass x Acceleration
  • Acceleration = Distance / (Second x Second)

SI Units

  • Mass: Kilogram (kg)
  • Length: Metre (m)
  • Time: Second (s)
  • Force: Newton (N)
  • Pressure: Pascal (Pa)

Input Values

  • 1 gram = 0.001 kg
  • 1 Centimetre = 0.01 m
  • 1 Second = 1 s
  • 1 Second Squared = 1 s²
  • 1 Square Centimetre = 0.01 m x 0.01 m = 0.0001 m²


  • 1 Dyne = 0.001 kg x 0.01 m/s² = 0.00001 N
  • 1 dyn/cm² Pressure = 0.00001 N / 0.0001 m² = 0.1 Pa

dyn/cm² Alternate Descriptions

These are the different versions used for identifying dyn/cm² that you may find elsewhere.

  • Dyne per Square Centimetre
  • Dyne per Square Centimeter
  • Dynes Force per Square Centimetre
  • Dynes per Square Centimeter
  • dyn/cm²
  • dyne/cm²
  • dynes/cm²
  • dyn/sq cm
  • dyne/sq cm
  • dynes/sq cm
  • dyn/cm^2
  • dyne/cm^2
  • dynes/cm^2

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