LMK331 Screw-In Ceramic Level Transmitter

LMK331 Screw-In Ceramic Level Transmitter

Level pressure sensor with semi-flush ceramic diaphragm and stainless steel or PVDF wetted parts for aggressive corrosive media in ranges from 4mH2O up to 600mH2O gauge.

The LMK 331 aggressive media level transmitter is designed for measuring the level in chemical storage tanks where stainless steel and other metals are not compatible with the media.

The LMK331 chemical level sensor is easily mounted by hand to a tank using the knurled part of the sensor body.

The wetted parts in contact with the tank contents are a semi-flush Ceramic diaphragm or PVDF pressure connection, FKM, NBR or EPDM O ring seals.

The LMK-331 level transducer can measure the level in small and large Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) and for hazardous area applications requiring intrinsic safety an ATEX/IECEx approved version can be specified.

Product Parameters

  • Pressure Ranges: from 4 mH20 up to 600 mH2O gauge
  • Accuracy: ┬▒0.5% full scale
  • Output Signal: 4-20mA or 0-20mA current, 0-10V amplified voltage, optional ATEX/IECEx and SIL2
  • Electrical Connections: DIN plug, Integral cable gland, process industry style field housing, M12 and Binder
  • Pressure Connections: Stainless steel or PVDF pressure port with G3/4 male thread with flush diaphragm
  • Seals: FKM, NBR or EPDM O rings
  • Special Features: Flush Ceramic diaphragm for chemical resilience
  • Special Options: ATEX/IECEx approval, PVDF pressure connector material

Product Description


The LMK331 Screw-In Level Pressure Sensor has an aggressive media resistant construction which makes it suitable for measuring fluid level of a wide range of corrosive chemicals.

Sensor design

The flush pressure sensing element of the LMK331 flush diaphragm level sensor is a ceramic based thick film strain gauge diaphragm which has highly stable measuring properties due to ceramic’s excellent elastic properties. Ceramic is also very hard wearing and resistant to abrasion and corrosion from a wide range of hazardous liquids.

The pressure port of the LMK-331 ceramic level transmitter can be made from either PVDF, PVC or stainless steel depending on the required chemical compatibility.

The ceramic diaphragm of the LMK-331 chemical resistant level transducer is sealed onto the pressure port with an o ring which can be made of Fluorocarbon Elastomer (FKM) for mineral acids, salt solutions, chlorinated hydrocarbons or petroleum oils; Nitrile Rubber (NBR) for paraffin base materials, fatty acids, oils, alcohols or glycerines or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) for many types of alkalines and acids.

Installation fittings

The LMK331 hydrostatic pressure transmitter is typically mounted to an external G1/2 or G3/4 tapping point of an Intermediate bulk container (IBC) by simply screwing in by hand with the aid of the knurled body ring.

Liquid level ranges

The LMK331 chemical level sensor is available in ranges from of 1.6 to 600 metres of water gauge for measuring the contents of various sized chemical tanks.

Output signal

Either an output signal of 0-10Vdc amplified voltage or 4-20mA current loop can be selected with the option for ATEX approved electronics when intrinsic safety is required for installations in hazardous areas.

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