Pressure Loggers

Pressure data loggers product specifications & selection info for recording pressure readings at set time intervals, and storing the results internally and providing a way to transfer the data using a digital interface to a computer.

Data Logger Guide

triton it log graph

The primary function of a data logger is to create a record of measurements over a period of time at preset intervals.

ADT681 Digital Pressure Gauge

ADT681 Panel Mount

The ADT681 digital pressure gauge family covers a wide range of pressures from as low as 1 inH20 differential to as high as 36,000 psi gauge.

Vacuum drying pressure data logger

Intrinsically safe version of LEO Record

I am looking for a digital vacuum recorder for a vacuum drying pilot process. We would suggest the LEO Record which can be used for recording vacuum pressures over a 0 to 1 bar absolute or a 0 to -1 bar negative gauge measurement range. LEO Record Pressure Data Logger Pressure Range: -1 to 3 […]

High Pressure Data Logger with a 1500 bar range

LEO Record Ei

We are looking to carry out gas pressure tests up to 15000psi on Weco fittings used in oil industry applications.  We would like a high pressure data logger which has a built-in digital gauge and reading data storage for uploading to to some PC logging software.  The logger should be capable of reading pressures up […]

50,000 psi logger, indicator and sensor for hose burst testing

CMC99 DMP304

High pressure indicator, logger and pressure sensor to measure between 0 and 50,000 psi (~3500 bar) for hose burst tests. The CMC99 comes with a memory stick with which allows the transfer of pressure/time data files from the CMC99.  Once the data is transferred to the PC, the DAQ PC software will allow you to […]

5000 psi data logging gauge for measuring hydraulic pressures

DM01 Multi-Range Logging Pressure Gauge

  Hydraulic data logging pressure gauge to measure pressures up to 5,000 psi that can log data either to its own file and work with a Laptop computer. DM01 Multi-Range High Accuracy Pressure Gauge Sensor Module 1: 400 bar (5800 psi) gauge Process Connection: 1/4 NPT male Data Logging: USB cable and DAQ laptop software […]

10 psi vacuum air and 50 psi water pressure gauge and data logger

DM01 head and sensor

Logging pressure gauge with dual range pressure sensor modules for measuring moist air from -10 psi up to 0 psi vacuum and water from 0 to 50 psi. DM01 Multi-Range High Accuracy Pressure Gauge Sensor Module 1: 0 to -1 bar (-14.5 psi) gauge Sensor Module 2: 4 bar (58 psi) gauge Process Connection: G1/4 […]

30 ounces per square inch range pressure gauge with built-in logger

DM01 Multi-Range Logging Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauge with range from 0 to 30 oz/sq in, with intrinsically safe certification, which can record pressure readings for a specified time period, and is able to download recorded pressure readings through a USB connection. DM01 Logging Pressure Gauge Sensor Module 1: 160 mbar (2.3 psi) gauge Process Connection: 1/4 NPT male ATEX IS […]

150 mbar combined differential pressure sensor, gauge and logger

LEO Record Capo

Pressure sensor with display and datalogger for measuring the pressure deviation against environmental pressure in the range of -150 mbar to 150 mbar against atmospheric pressure. LEO Record Capo Low Pressure Data Logger Pressure Range: -150 to +150 mbar differential Digital Communication (safe area use only): USB data cable & software Calibration certificate: 5 points, […]

Pressure and temperature recorder for monitoring up to 500 millibar

DM01 head and sensor

Absolute pressure and temperature recording device that measures a tenth of a millibar up to 500 mbar. DM01 Pressure & Temperature Logger Display Unit Part No: DM01-A21 Display: 7 digit LC Display, 5.5mm Height Display: 55 x 46mm Visible area Display: 100 segment bargraph Display: Adjustable illuminated background, time & intensity Resolution: 128px x 64px […]

Artesian well 600 mbar range water pressure logger

P-Triton-P pressure data logger

Logging system for artesian bores with a water pressure up to 600 mbar gauge.  This logger is environmentally protected to withstand sun and heat up to  +70°C and rain. PTRI-P Pressure Logger Pressure Logger Part No: PTRI-P-G0600 Pressure Range: 600 mb gauge Temperature Compensation: 0 to 70 degC Pressure Connection: G1/4 male Seal Gasket: Viton […]

Submersible IP68 Water Pressure Data Logger

P-Triton-P pressure data logger

Introduction P-TRITON-P logger is completely waterproof for flood protection and battery powered with a typical battery life of 10 years. Triton range of data loggers use a new data logging architecture that allows the user to monitor pressure/flow inputs in terms of average values based on typical 15 minute logging rate plus minimum/ maximum values based on fast […]

20 kilopascal differential pressure manometer with built-in logger

LEO Record Capo

Differential pressure logging digital manometer for measuring air pressures up to 20 kPa diff.  This manometer can display the highest and lowest pressure reading on the built-in LCD display and store all pressure readings at predetermined intervals for subsequent upload to a PC via the USB interface. LEO Record Capo Low Pressure Data Logger Pressure […]

+/-100 millibar digital manometer recorder with ATEX approval

LEO Record Capo

Atex certified digital manometer with a pressure range of -100 to +100 mbar gauge with data recording, software and a data port to connect to a PC. LEO Record Capo Low Pressure Data Recorder Pressure Range: -100 to +100 mbar vg, ATEX approved Process Connection: G1/4 male Digital Communication (safe area use only): USB data […]

Replacement for Keller IM-E17 Mano Record pressure logger

Keller IM-E17 Mano Record pressure logger

We are having trouble finding someone that can supply a keller digital pressure gauge which is Ex rated, part number is IM-E17/100bar/81147 with a pressure range of 0-100 bar, a 1/4″ NPT(m) bottom process connection 1/4″ NPT(m) bottom Connection, who can supply this? This part number refers to an old product called the Mano Record […]

30 mbar pressure logger for monitoring natural gas pressures

LEO Record Capo

We are looking to obtain a data-logger which we can connect to a natural gas supply pipework which serves a number of boilers in our building. We believe the incoming gas supply pressure is changing and causing the boilers to trip out when it dips below the low pressure threshold. The pressures we need to […]

Recordable indicator and sensor up to 30000 psi for pressure test rig

CMC99 DMP304

I’m looking for a sensor and panel indicator for a pressure test rig to measure up to 30,000 psi. The media will be fresh water and I want to record data over a period of 30 minutes. We would suggest a combination of the DMP334 which is a high range water pressure sensor with the […]

Ex pressure gauge and logger for recording up to 300 lbs/sq in

LEO Record Ei

I am searching for an Ex hazardous area battery powered digital pressure gauge with a 1/4 BSP male process connection which can record pressures up to 300 lbs/sq in within some internal memory for auditing purposes. We would suggest the LEO Record Ei which is a battery powered pressure logger and gauge that is Ex […]

1600 bar data acquisition and recording system

CMC99 log graph

We are looking for a data acquisition and recording system with 1600 bar rated pressure sensors, which can save the data as a file for downloading to a laptop via a USB port. We would suggest the CMC99 which is a data recorder, indicator and sensor conditioning unit plus the DMP334 which is a high […]

Datalogging pressure gauge to use in hazardous zone 1 to measure 0 to 400 psig

LEO Record Ei

We require datalogging pressure gauges. The instruments will be used onshore at an unmanned installation. We would like the instruments to be able to record / store pressures for subsequent retrieval with a handheld or laptop computer via the USB port. The pressure range required is 0-400 psig, it should be battery powered and should […]

Logger to store vacuum readings over 24hr period

Standard version of LEO Record

I require a vacuum sensor loggers to monitor vacuum application bags. The vacuum I need to monitor is 0.25 to 0.4 bar over a 24 hour period. I need to monitor if and when the vac drops below 0.25 bar during a 24 hour period. Can you advise on instrumentation that can do this job? […]

Downloading stored data via RS485 coms pressure logger

I am looking for a data logger device that can store data which can be read remotely across an RS485 serial link, can you suggest a suitable instrument? We would suggest the LEO Record which has internal storage memory that can be configured by the supplied PC windows software. The LEO Record has a RS485 interface […]

Loggers for recording 20 bar pressure at a rate of less than 1 second

We require a battery operated pressure instrument with a data logger that has a measuring cycle of 1 second maximum and a range 0 to 20 bar. What solution can you suggest? The LEO Record which is battery powered and has internal logging memory, can log at a minimum update rate of 1 second.