ADT681 Digital Pressure Gauge

ADT681 Panel Mount

The ADT681 digital pressure gauge family covers a wide range of pressures from as low as 1 inH20 differential to as high as 36,000 psi gauge.

Intrinsic Safety

Intrinsic Safety is a method used to limit the amount of energy, heat or ignition sources entering a hazardous zone containing or potentially containing an explosive atmosphere.


ATEX is the European Directive for governing health and safety in explosive environments.

Dust ATEX approved 2 psi pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitter with a 0-2 psi range and a 4-20mA output signal for use in a zone 20 hazardous dust environment. DMP331 Dust Approved Pressure Transmitter Pressure Range: 2 psi g Output Signal: 4-20mA, ATEX IS, (2 wire) Accuracy: 0.35%FS, 0.5% below 0.4bar (std, 11-12bit res) Electrical Connection: DIN43650A plug IP65 Pressure Connection: G1/4 DIN3852 […]

100 barg pressure transmitter with 3.1b material, atex and cal cert

DMP333 DIN G1/2

4-20mA current output pressure transducer for 0-100 bar g pressure range with material certification to 3.1 standard, atex haz. area certification and calibration certification. DMP333 ATEX Certified Pressure Transmitter Pressure Range: 100 bar g Output Signal: 4-20mA (2 wire) Accuracy: 0.35% FS (std, 11-12bit res) Electrical Connection: DIN43650A plug IP65 Length of PVC Cable (metres) […]

50 mbar ATEX approved air duct pressure sensor

DMP343 G1/4 male DIN plug

Atex rated pressure sensor for measuring up to 50 mbar in a round air duct installed in a potentially flammable area. DMP343 Low Range Pneumatic Pressure Sensor Pressure Range: 50 mbar (20 inH2O) gauge Output Signal: 4-20mA, ATEX IS, (2 wire) Electrical Connection: DIN43650A plug IP65 Pressure Connection: G1/2 DIN 3852 male

300 psi intrinsically safe digital pressure gauge

Digital pressure gauge for measuring 0-300 psi which is intrinsically safe for use in potential flammable zones. DM01 Multi-Range High Accuracy Pressure Gauge Sensor Module 1: 25 bar (360 psi) gauge Sensor Module 2: Not required Sensor Module 3: Not required Process Connection: G1/2 DIN3852 male ATEX IS Approval: Yes Data Logging: USB cable and […]

-1 to 10 bar ATEX pressure sensor

Compound range intrinsically safe pressure sensor for measuring -1 to +10 bar gauge in an ATEX approved hazardous zone.  This sensor has pressure range which combines both the vacuum range and a positive 10 bar range. DMP331 Precision Pressure Transmitter Pressure Range: -1 to +10 bar g Output Signal: 4-20mA, ATEX IS, (2 wire) Accuracy: […]

Barometric 550 to 1150 hPa abs high resolution pressure transmitter

High precision barometric pressure transmitter for measuring atmospheric pressure from 550 hPa to 1150 hPa absolute. The sensor has a best straight line accuracy of +/-0.05% full scale with a 16 bit A/D converter to detect the smallest change in environmental air pressure. DMP331i igh Precision Pressure Transmitter Pressure Range: 550 to 1150 mb abs […]

Leachate holding tank, submersible level sensor for 5 meter depth


Pressure sensor for measuring leachate in a holding tank which has a ATEX rated 4-20mA output and a range from 0 to 5 meters sensing depth plus 10m of cable. LMK307 Submersible Waste Water Level Sensor Hydrostatic Level Range: 5 mWG Output Signal: 4-20mA, ATEX IS, (2 wire) Seals: FKM Vented Cable Jct Box (not […]

Self powered +/- 1 psi g hazardous area pressure recorder

Self powered pressure recorder that can accurately measure -1 psig to +1 psig, with a 1/2 NPT male pressure connector adapter and ATEX hazardous area classification equivalent to Class 1 Zone 1. LEO Record Capo Low Pressure Data Logger Pressure Range: -1 to +1 psi vg, ATEX approved Process Connection: G1/4 male with 1/2 NPT […]

Zero and span adjustable 10 bar ATEX pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitter with zero & span adjustability over a maximum of 10 bar gauge, which can be connected to a voltage supply of 24Vdc with an output of 4-20mA, with IP67 ingress protection rating and intrinsically safe certification. XMPi Rangeable Pressure Transmitter Pressure Range: 10 bar gauge Electronics Housing: Aluminium die cast (standard) Integrated Digital Indicator: Yes […]

+/-100 millibar digital manometer recorder with ATEX approval

LEO Record Capo

Atex certified digital manometer with a pressure range of -100 to +100 mbar gauge with data recording, software and a data port to connect to a PC. LEO Record Capo Low Pressure Data Recorder Pressure Range: -100 to +100 mbar vg, ATEX approved Process Connection: G1/4 male Digital Communication (safe area use only): USB data […]