ADT681 Digital Pressure Gauge

ADT681 Display Screen

The ADT681 digital pressure gauge family covers a wide range of pressures from as low as 1 inH20 differential to as high as 36,000 psi gauge.

Intrinsic Safety

Intrinsic Safety is a method used to limit the amount of energy, heat or ignition sources entering a hazardous zone containing or potentially containing an explosive atmosphere.


ATEX is the European Directive for governing health and safety in explosive environments.

ATEX zone rating for LEO1 Ei digital manometer

LEO1 ATEX coding

Is the LEO1 Ei digital manometer safe to use in a zone 1 ATEX area? Yes, the LEO1 is ATEX approved to II 1 G EEx ia IIC T6 or T5, which is actually zone 0, so higher rated than zone 1.

Ex rated ambient pressure sensor with a 800 to 1100 mbar abs range

Could you give details of a high accuracy pressure sensor which measures ambient pressure (800 to 1100 mb) for environmental purposes. The sensor should be able to be installed in hazardous (Ex rated) location. We would suggest the DMP331i which is a compact high accuracy pressure sensor which can be configured in the factory to an […]

Dust ATEX approved 2 psi pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitter with a 0-2 psi range and a 4-20mA output signal for use in a zone 20 hazardous dust environment. DMP331 Dust Approved Pressure Transmitter Pressure Range: 2 psi g Output Signal: 4-20mA, ATEX IS, (2 wire) Accuracy: 0.35%FS, 0.5% below 0.4bar (std, 11-12bit res) Electrical Connection: DIN43650A plug IP65 Pressure Connection: G1/4 DIN3852 […]

100 barg pressure transmitter with 3.1b material, atex and cal cert

DMP333 DIN G1/2

4-20mA current output pressure transducer for 0-100 bar g pressure range with material certification to 3.1 standard, atex haz. area certification and calibration certification. DMP333 ATEX Certified Pressure Transmitter Pressure Range: 100 bar g Output Signal: 4-20mA (2 wire) Accuracy: 0.35% FS (std, 11-12bit res) Electrical Connection: DIN43650A plug IP65 Length of PVC Cable (metres) […]

50 mbar ATEX approved air duct pressure sensor

DMP343 G1/4 male DIN plug

Atex rated pressure sensor for measuring up to 50 mbar in a round air duct installed in a potentially flammable area. DMP343 Low Range Pneumatic Pressure Sensor Pressure Range: 50 mbar (20 inH2O) gauge Output Signal: 4-20mA, ATEX IS, (2 wire) Electrical Connection: DIN43650A plug IP65 Pressure Connection: G1/2 DIN 3852 male

300 psi intrinsically safe digital pressure gauge

Digital pressure gauge for measuring 0-300 psi which is intrinsically safe for use in potential flammable zones. DM01 Multi-Range High Accuracy Pressure Gauge Sensor Module 1: 25 bar (360 psi) gauge Sensor Module 2: Not required Sensor Module 3: Not required Process Connection: G1/2 DIN3852 male ATEX IS Approval: Yes Data Logging: USB cable and […]

-1 to 10 bar ATEX pressure sensor

Compound range intrinsically safe pressure sensor for measuring -1 to +10 bar gauge in an ATEX approved hazardous zone.  This sensor has pressure range which combines both the vacuum range and a positive 10 bar range. DMP331 Precision Pressure Transmitter Pressure Range: -1 to +10 bar g Output Signal: 4-20mA, ATEX IS, (2 wire) Accuracy: […]

Barometric 550 to 1150 hPa abs high resolution pressure transmitter

High precision barometric pressure transmitter for measuring atmospheric pressure from 550 hPa to 1150 hPa absolute. The sensor has a best straight line accuracy of +/-0.05% full scale with a 16 bit A/D converter to detect the smallest change in environmental air pressure. DMP331i igh Precision Pressure Transmitter Pressure Range: 550 to 1150 mb abs […]

Leachate holding tank, submersible level sensor for 5 meter depth

Pressure sensor for measuring leachate in a holding tank which has a ATEX rated 4-20mA output and a range from 0 to 5 meters sensing depth plus 10m of cable. LMK307 Submersible Waste Water Level Sensor Hydrostatic Level Range: 5 mWG Output Signal: 4-20mA, ATEX IS, (2 wire) Seals: FKM Vented Cable Jct Box (not […]

Self powered +/- 1 psi g hazardous area pressure recorder

Self powered pressure recorder that can accurately measure -1 psig to +1 psig, with a 1/2 NPT male pressure connector adapter and ATEX hazardous area classification equivalent to Class 1 Zone 1. LEO Record Capo Low Pressure Data Logger Pressure Range: -1 to +1 psi vg, ATEX approved Process Connection: G1/4 male with 1/2 NPT […]

Zero and span adjustable 10 bar ATEX pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitter with zero & span adjustability over a maximum of 10 bar gauge, which can be connected to a voltage supply of 24Vdc with an output of 4-20mA, with IP67 ingress protection rating and intrinsically safe certification. XMPi Rangeable Pressure Transmitter Pressure Range: 10 bar gauge Electronics Housing: Aluminium die cast (standard) Integrated Digital Indicator: Yes […]

+/-100 millibar digital manometer recorder with ATEX approval

LEO Record Capo

Atex certified digital manometer with a pressure range of -100 to +100 mbar gauge with data recording, software and a data port to connect to a PC. LEO Record Capo Low Pressure Data Recorder Pressure Range: -100 to +100 mbar vg, ATEX approved Process Connection: G1/4 male Digital Communication (safe area use only): USB data […]

3000 Pa air pressure transmitter with dust zone intrinsically safe certificate

Intrinsically safe air pressure sensor with a 4 to 20 milliamp loop signal out for air pressures up to 3000 Pascals. This sensor is suitable for use with suitable intrinsic safety barrier in factory environments that have a hazardous level of dust which require zone 20 approval. DMP343 Low Range Air Pressure Sensor Pressure Range: […]

Is pressure logger data transfer cable intrinsically safe approved?

Can the USB or RS232 interface which is used with the LEO Record Ei pressure datalogger be used in a hazardous area? No, only the logger can be used in intrinsically safe areas.  The data can be collected in the hazardous area inside the logger and then it has to be removed to a safe […]

30 bar g or abs calibration pump kit with Ex approved test gauge


  Field calibration test kit for accurately generating and verifying gauge or absolute pressures up to 30 bar.  This calibration includes a pneumatic air pump and a intrinsically safe digital test gauge plus test hose, adaptors and portable carrying case. PGS40 Pressure Calibration Kit and Digital Test Gauge Pump Kit Options: Pump, hose, NPT-BSP adpt, […]

250 mbar to 1000 mbar g user settable fuel pressure switch

901 Prescal

Fuel pressure switch which can be set to trip at any pressure between 250 and 1000 mbar g.  This switch is suitable for monitoring fuel feed line pressure in order to detect when a tank is empty and prevent an auxilliary fuel pump from running dry. 901 Prescal Pressure Switch Part No: 901.66 114R6 Ex […]

Purpose of ATEX IS option for LEX1 manometer

What is the ATEX IS approval option for the LEX1 precision digital manometer and for what is it necessary? ATEX is the European directive which controls the use of electrical equipment in potenitally explosive environments such as petrochemical refineries for example. So you only need this option if you are going to use the pressure […]

400 kg/cm² abs, intrinsically safe, high range pressure transmitter

High pressure transmitter for measuring up to 400 kg/cm² absolute with a current lop output of 4 to 20 milliamps.  This transmitter can be used in hazardous areas with a suitable intrinsically safe barrier. Intrinsically Safe High Pressure Transmitter – DMP333 Pressure Range: 400 kg/cm2 absolute Output Signal: 4-20mA, ATEX IS, (2 wire) Accuracy: 0.35% […]

5000 psi USB interface pressure gauge with 1/4 NPT male fitting

Digital pressure gauge with USB connection for plotting live readings up to 5000 psi on a PC.  This pressure gauge is fitted with a 1/4 NPT male adaptor and is ATEX approved for use in hazardous areas. Pressure Range: 400 bar sealed gauge/absolute ATEX IS approval: Yes Digital Communication (safe area use only): USB data […]

100 mbar handheld manometer for use in hazardous areas


Measure air pressures from 0 to 100 mbar with this intrinsically safe handheld digital manometer.  This instrument has an internal battery and flexible tubing connections. P200IS Hazardous Area Digital Manometer Pressure Range: Lo 19.99 mbar, Hi 100 mbar g/diff Nylon tubing for pressure connection: 2 metres T piece for pressure connections: 1 pc Calibration certificate: […]

1000 mbar vacuum transmitter for use with waste toner dust

DMP331 with flush diaphragm

Intrinsically safe atex approved vacuum pressure sensing device with a 4-20 milliamp output for mounting in a vacuum header line for carrying waste print toner ink dust. Pressure Datum: Gauge Pressure Range: 0 to -1000 mbar g Output: 4 – 20mA / 2-wire, Intrinsically Safe (ATEX) Accuracy: Electrical Connection: Large Plug & Socket (ISO 4400) […]

1000 meter IP68 sea water level transmitter with Marine and ATEX approval

Submersible sea water level transmitter with GL and DNV marine approval and a measuring range of 0 to 100 meters of water.  This sensor is ATEX aproved for installation in explosion risk zones. Pressure Range: 100 mH2O g Pressure Connection: Protection cap (immersible) Housing & Pressure Connector Material: CuNi10Fe1Mn ATEX IS Approval: Yes Seals exposed […]

IP68 sewage level transmitter for monitoring up to 6 metres depth of waste water

LMK307 Flush

Submersible ATEX approved liquid level sensor with a 4 to 20 milliamp output for measuring 0 to 20 feet of sewage.  This sensor has a flush ceramic diaphragm which offers a high level of corrosion resistance and easy access to sensor for removing any build up of waste material.  The signal cable is coated with […]

1/2 NPT pressure transmitter with ATEX certification and 2 bar g pressure range

Half inch NPT male tapered thread pressure transmitter for use in an ATEX approved intrinsically safe area for measuring pressures from 0 to 2 bar gauge. DMP331 Precision Pressure Transmitter Pressure Range: 0 to 2 bar g Output Signal: 4-20mA, ATEX IS, (2 wire) Accuracy: 0.35% >0.4bar, 0.5% FS <=0.4bar (std, 11-12bit res) Electrical Connection: […]

ATEX approved negative 10 mbar vacuum pressure transmitter

DMP343 with DIN plug and G1/4 male

ATEX certified intrinsically safe pressure transmitter for measuring from 0 to minus 10 millibar gauge vacuum pressure. DMP343 Low Range Pneumatic Pressure Sensor Pressure Range: 0 to -10 mbar (-4 inH2O) gauge Output Signal: 4-20mA, ATEX IS, (2 wire) Electrical Connection: DIN43650A plug IP65 Pressure Connection: G1/2 DIN 3852 male (standard)

ATEX approval for LMP307 submersible level transmitter

Does the LMP307 submersible level probe meet ATEX Class 1 Zone 2 requirements? The LMP307 exceeds the requirements.  Class 1 is not used as part of the European ATEX markings, but is most likely taken from the USA markings where Class 1 corresponds to a Gas environment approval.  Zone 2 refers to the ATEX classification […]

Converting ATEX II 2 G markings to FM equivalent

What is ATEX II 2 G classification and what is the USA equivalent? This refers to the ATEX Ex coding which is the European regulatory directive for using equipment in hazardous areas. II = Non-Mining 2 = Non-Mining: High Protection – Equipment must be safe during regular functioning and likely failures, required for Gas zone 1 […]

Hygienic atex approved pressure transmitter for low ranges

I need a ATEX approved pressure transmitter for zone 2 to read pressures from 15 to 25mbar. The sensor will be used in a hygienic pharmaceutical application and must be compatible with liquids. Please let me know if you have a transmitter that that would be suitable. The DMP331P with a 100 mbar gauge range […]

0 to 10 volt output ATEX approved intrinsically safe pressure sensor

0 to 10 volt output ATEX approved intrinsically safe pressure sensor

Is there an ATEX pressure sensor with a 0-10V output? It is not very common for a pressure sensor to include ATEX approval for voltage output, since the majority of hazard area installations utilise a 4-20mA current loop and therefore it is not economically viable for most manufacturers to invest the extra cost of developing […]

Meaning of safe area use for pressure data-logger data cable

What does the warning “safe area use only” which is mentioned alongside the USB data cable option for the LEO Record pressure data-logger? Since the ATEX approved version of the LEO Record can be used in potentially explosive atmosphere environments such as an oil refinery or a pharmaceutical factory, the statement “safe area use only” […]

ATEX 1/21 rated hazardous area

What is ATEX 1/21? ATEX is the European directive for regulating what equipment is suitable for use in potentially explosive environments. ATEX 1/21 refers to a hazardous area which is classed as Zone 1 for environments which contain flammable gases and Zone 21 for environments which contain high levels of dust.

Water level sensor for ATEX 1/21 hazardous environment

I am looking to install a water level sensor in a tunnel running below a river and the area is rated at ATEX 1/21. I would like to know which sensors would be suitable for this application. Assuming you are looking for a submersible device with a low range of measurement we would suggest the […]

Digital alternative to paper chart pressure recorder

5 point traceable cal cert example

We are looking for an alternative to a conventional paper chart pressure recorder that we currently use to record equipment pressure tests. I’m finding that these chart recorder are quite fragile and often don’t stand up to to being shipped offshore, are easily broken and it generally takes more time to get everything set up […]

Low range Intrinsically safe digital gauge for monitoring 150mbar pressure

I am looking for a digital pressure gauge which is suitable for use in an intrinsically safe zone which will measure between 0mbar – 150mbar, what do you suggest? The LEO Record Capo is a low range atex approved digital pressure gauge and the 300 mbar gauge range would be suitable for measuring over the […]

Gasoline compatibility with pressure logger

We are looking at possibly selecting the LEO3 digital output pressure gauge for connecting to a PC for use as a pressure datalogger on gasoline, could you advise whether it is compatible with gasoline and also whether it is intrinsically safe? Although the LEO3 has stainless steel and Viton materials in contact with the pressure […]

Hazardous environment pressure recording

Is the LEO Record pressure recorder suitable for operation in Hazardous environments? There is an ATEX approved intrinsically safe version and it has been certified to II 2 G EEx ia IIC T4.  Since the instrument is battery powered and can be used independently within a hazardous area.  However, in order to upload the stored […]

Galvanic isolation of pressure sensors

Can you please confirm whether the IMP pressure sensor is of the isolated type or in other words galvanically separated? There is no galvanic isolation on the IMP. It is quite rare to find a manufacturer which makes a pressure sensor with this built-in. The simplest solution is to purchase a separate Intrinsically Safe Isolator […]

Precision psi pressure gauge for IS zones

I am looking for a digital pressure gauge which can read in psi units, is ATEX approved for intrinsic safety, has max / min reading storage and will measure to an accuracy of 0.05%FS, what do you recommend? We would suggest the LEX1 which is a high precision pressure gauge that satisfies all your requirements.

Flameproof protection

What are flameproof installations? Flameproof is a method of protection that can be integrated into equipment to contain internal explosions. In order for a product to be classed as flameproof it will need to approved to the ATEX classification Exd. A Flameproof product will have an external enclosure that is designed to contain an explosion […]