ATEX zone rating for LEO1 Ei digital manometer

LEO1 ATEX coding

Is the LEO1 Ei digital manometer safe to use in a zone 1 ATEX area? Yes, the LEO1 is ATEX approved to II 1 G EEx ia IIC T6 or T5, which is actually zone 0, so higher rated than zone 1.

DI water compatible material options for level sensor

LMK351 seals diaphragm options

I want to use the LMK351 level sensor to measure the level of DI water, please could you answer the following questions relating to material option choices for this product: 1. Which seal material is better for DI Water and what is the price difference? The standard FKM is suitable for Deionised water, also EPDM […]

Best materials to use when submersing pressure sensors in chlorinated water


What are the optimal materials that should be specified for installing a submersible pressure sensor in chlorinated swimming pool water? The following materials provide excellent chemical resistance to Chlorine and are used in the construction of submersible pressure sensors: Body Material: PVC Seals: Viton, FFKM or Chemraz Sensing Diaphragm: Alumina Ceramic (Al2O3) Electrical Cable Jacket: […]

What measurement technology used to measure sulfuric acid tank level

I’m planning on using the LMK809 sensor for measuring level in a sulfuric acid tote and wanted to know if this is a submersible pressure sensor for measuring fluid level or does it use some other technique to measure level? Also how is it installed, would a port have to be cut into the bottom of […]

Condensation protection (IP21)

What is meant by protected against condensation as part of a IP21 rating? When the surface temperature of a device is lower than the dew point temperature (the temperature at which air cannot hold any more water) moisture will begin to collect on the device. For example, condensation will form if you take a device […]

Materials in contact with pressure media on pressure logger

What are the construction materials exposed to the process media on the leo record pressure gauge logger? LEO Record (-1 to 3, -1 to 30, 300, 700 and 1000 bar ranges) Stainless steel 316L port and diaphragm FKM internal and port seals LEO Record Capo (10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 and 300 mbar ranges) […]

Operating temperature range for LEO Record pressure logger

Is the LEO Record pressure logger suitable for working on temperatures in the range of -10°C to +50°C? The operating temperature range is 0 to 50 degC, the storage temperature range is -10 to +60 degC. The instrument should log at -10 degC but the LCD digital display maybe affected and the accuracy cannot be […]

Purpose of optional rubber boot cover for pressure logger

What is the main function of the protective rubber covering which is an option on the LEO Record pressure recorder? To limit the damage to the logger from accidental impact, whilst being moved around, or some object colliding with the instrument once installed.

Outdoor protection for pressure logger

Can the LEO Record pressure logger gauge be installed permanently in the field without any covering box? Yes the LEO Record can be installed outside and the environmental protection rating is IP65.

Wetted parts of miniature pressure sensor

What are the wetted materials of the ASM miniature pressure transducer? The parts exposed to the media include a 15-4ph stainless steel diaphragm and a 316 stainless steel pressure port housing.

Atmospheric pressure compensation for submersible depth probe

How is the IMCL submersible pressure sensor compensated for atmospheric pressure changes? The cable contains a vent tube as standard which brings atmospheric pressure to rear side of the pressure sensing diaphragm, and thus compensates the hydrostatic + atmospheric pressure present on the front side by effectively cancelling out the effects of atmospheric pressure.

125degC fuel storage level sensor for marine use

What submersible level sensors are suitable for use with marine fuel, which can have a storage temperature of up to 120degC? The LMK458 is a submersible tank level sensor designed for use on marine ships. It has a media operating temperature range of -25 to +125 degC if specified with the standard signal cable which has […]

Using pressure instruments at temperatures below freezing

Can I use pressure measurement instrumentation in freezing weather conditions? Generally the use of pressure measurement equipment in very cold environments is dependent on two important considerations: The instrumentation must be specified by the manufacturer to operate below 0 deg Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit to the required minimum temperature.  Most manufacturers include a minimum […]

Concentrated Sulfuric acid Tote tank level sensor and indicator

We are looking for a sensor and monitoring device to measure the level of conc. H2SO4 in a standard 330 gallon tote tank, what device setup would you suggest? For concentrated Sulphuric acid we would suggest the LMK809 which is a low range submersible and chemical resistant liquid level sensor with FKM seals, PVDF body and […]

Concentrated Nitric acid compatible submersible liquid level sensor

Concentrated Nitric acid compatible submersible liquid level sensor

We are looking to measure the liquid level of a tank filled with 98% Nitric acid. The sensor will need to be submersible as it is only possible to access the tank from above.  Can you suggest a sensor that would be compatible with concentrated Nitric Acid? The LMK 809 is a chemical resistant submersible […]

What is purpose of FKM seal material in pressure transmitter specification

What is purpose of FKM seal material in pressure transmitter specification

I plan to connect the XMD DP transmitter to two pressure taps on a pipe carrying liquids which could be water or oil.  I am not sure what seal gasket material to select, perhaps you could explain what this is and what type of material I should choose? The process mounting assembly and differential pressure […]

Benefit of TPE cable jacket for submersible seawater applications

What are the benefits of using the TPE coated cable instead of the PUR or FEP options on the SWL marine bronze submersible level sensor? The TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) signal cable has a ruggedised outer sheath for improved abrasion resistance and the rubber compound has been specially developed for long term resistance to sea water.

Protecting pressure sensor electronics from 300 degC

Protecting pressure sensor electronics from 300 degC

How are the electronics inside the DMK331P flush diaphragm pressure sensor protected from media at 300 degC? The electronics and sensing components are set back from the hot media by placing a cooling element between them.  The cooling element is an oil filled tube with a series of coupled hollow disc segments along its length […]

SF6 material compatibility for Baroli pressure gauge

In relation to the Baroli pressure gauges, what would be the optimum material choices for use with the dielectric gas SF6 used inside electrical transformers? For applications where the pressure of Sulfur Hexafluoride gas will be measured, we would suggest the Baroli 02 precision digital pressure gauge with a 316L stainless steel diaphragm and pressure port housing plus EPDM […]

Measuring the volume of liquid in a horizontal cylinder tank

We have a horizontal cylindrical type tank which has a diameter of 2 meter and a length of 7 meters. This tank is used for storage of chemicals. I want to measure the volume of chemical stored in the tank, please suggest the kind of sensor and how it could be used to monitor the chemical […]

Applying vacuum to negative side of low range differential pressure transducer

Will it be okay to apply a vacuum of -84 KPa g or ~150 mbar absolute to the negative side of the PD41X low range differential pressure transducer? Some sensors we have used in the past have suffered from instability due to self-heating issues when the electrical wires on the low pressure side are exposed […]

Heptane and engine oil compatibility with pressure transmitter

Please could you confirm whether the wetted parts of the IMP pressure transmitter are compatible with engine oil and heptane? Heptane will be compatible with the wetted parts which consist of a ceramic diaphragm, stainless steel process port and Viton elastomer seal. There are many types of engine oil, but it will be compatible if […]

Wetted parts exposed to media for LEO1 digital pressure gauge

For the LEO1 digital pressure gauge, are the internal wetted parts all welded stainless steel 316L or is there a Viton Seal in contact with the media as well? The -1 to 3 bar sealed gauge / 4 bar absolute and the 1000 bar versions of the LEO1 have 2 o-rings, one inside of the […]

Water compatible handheld pressure meter

Is it ok to use the Digitron 2086P handheld meter to measure water pressure as well as air pressure? Yes the 2086P (10 bar g/diff) can be used to measure water pressure.

Salt water compatible materials used in the manufacture of pressure sensors

For the pressure sensor parts in contact with salt water, what materials do we need to make sure are used in the design? There a number of materials which are compatible with salt water / seawater and the selection of each will depend on other constraints such as pressure rating, sensor technology, size, temperature rating […]

Hydralic fluid compatibility with pressure gauge

Is the LEX1 digital pressure gauge compatible with Landing Gear Fluid? The LEX1 has a stainless steel 316L pressure port and diaphragm with Viton O ring seals, which is compatible with mineral oil, but not with Aviation hydraulic oils such as Skydrol or other Phosphate Ester based fluids, since Viton has poor compatbility.  

Crude oil and Xylene compatibility with pressure logger

We are interested in the LEO record pressure logger, we are looking to measure pressure in a line containing Crude oil and Xylene, is the instrument compatible? The parts in contact with the media are a pressure port and a thin isolation diaphragm which are both made from Stainless Steel 316L and a Viton O ring […]

Choosing seal material for BD sensors

What is the purpose of the various seals such as FKM, FFKM, NBR and EPDM which you have to choose on many of BD sensors products? The three main areas of use for these seals are: Internal seal between pressure sensing capsule and the pressure connector housing Installation seal for process connection Electrical signal cable sealing […]

What are Isolation diaphragms

What is the purpose of the isolation diaphragm which is fitted to so many pressure transducer devices these days? As the name suggests, an isolation diaphragm is used to separate one type of media from another whilst still allowing a difference in pressure to transmit through. In terms of modern pressure transducer design, the sensing […]

Dry air compatible 4 to 20mA pressure transmitter

We are looking for a 4-20mA transmitter for measuring the pressure of dry air, can you recommend a product which would be suitable? We would suggest the IMP which is a 4-20mA pressure transmitter suitable for ranges from 0 to 500mbar and above or the DMP343 which is a transmitter specifically for low range pressures […]

Compatible media for 2000 digital manometer

What media is the 2000 series handheld pressure indicator compatible with? The internal transducer is covered by a silicon gel which creates an internal buffer. For increased protection microbore copper tubing is used to connect the transducer to the external pressure ports. The indicator is designed primarily for measuring the pressure of wet and dry […]