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The bar is a widely used metric unit of measurement for pressure and 1 bar equals precisely 100,000 Pascals. Even though Bar is not an SI unit it has been adopted as one of the most popular pressure units particularly in European countries where most pressure measurement instruments are specified with pressure ranges in bar.

The value of 1 bar is a close approximation to atmospheric pressure and is often used to represent atmospheric pressure rather than standard atmosphere (101325 Pascals) which is the correct value used by the scientific and engineering community.

Use the following conversion factors to convert from Bar to other pressure units or vice versa. To convert a reading in Bar to another unit, multiply it by the relevant pressure conversion factor. To convert a reading in any pressure unit to Bar divide it by the relevant pressure conversion factor.

Alternatively convert from a bar pressure value into another unit using the bar conversion table or the pressure unit converter.

bar Pressure Conversion Factors

Please note that the conversion factors above are accurate to 6 significant figures.

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bar to kgf

How much is one bar of pressure in kgf?

The bar unit is a measure of pressure, but kgf (kilogrammes force) is a unit of force.  So there are two possible answers:

If you meant to convert one bar into kgf/cm² (also known as kg/cm²), then 1 bar = 1.01971621 kgf/cm2.

If you are looking to convert pressure to force you will need to know the effective area on which the force is acting:

Force (kgf) = Pressure (bar) x Area (m²) x 100000 / g

{g = acceleration due to gravity = 9.80665 m/s²}

-1 to +1 bar to Torr

What is the conversion to Torr pressure units for a vacuum and positive pressure range from -1 to +1 bar?

The following conversion shows the corresponding values in Torr over the range:

minus 1 to plus 1 bar to Torr Conversion Scale

1 bar to mH2O

What is 1 bar expressed in metres e.g. plumbing system has a shower with a minimum pressure of 1.5bar how many metres would this be?

1 bar is approx 10 mH2O, so 1.5 bar is approx 15 mH2O

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