DS200P Sanitary Low Range Pressure Gauge, Switch and Sensor

DS200P Sanitary Low Range Pressure Gauge, Switch and Sensor

Measure vacuum, positive gauge and absolute pressures from -1 bar (-15psi) up to 40 bar (600psi) with this all in one electronic switch, gauge and sensor.

Designed specifically for use in the food, drink and biomedical industry for measuring process pressures and vessel contents.

Choose dairy pipe or clamp type sanitary process fittings and select a food grade oil fill as the diaphragm isolation fluid.

For pharmaceutical installations requiring hazardous dust protection the instrument includes the option for ATEX intrinsic safety.

Product Parameters

  • Pressure Ranges: 100 mb up to 40 bar (1.5 – 600psi) gauge or absolute
  • Accuracy: 0.35%FS standard with option for 0.25%FS IEC60770 (analogue output)
  • Output Signals: 4-20mA 2 wire, 0-10V 3 wire and Adjustable 4-20mA 3 wire
  • Electrical Connections: DIN43650A plug & socket, cable gland, Binder 5 pin, M12 x 1 5-8 pin plastic or 5pin metal connector
  • Pressure Connections: Sanitary clamp, dairy and BSP threaded screw fittings
  • Display: 4 digit red LED, 0.1% FS +/- 1 digit accuracy plus analogue output accuracy
  • Switch Contacts: 1,2 or 4 PNP type, 125mA max with 4-20mA (2 or 3 wire) or 500mA max with 0-10V output.
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Special Features: All welded stainless steel flush diaphragm, three in one function
  • Special Options: 5 to 1 rangeable, Ex approved intrinsic safety, high temperature media to 300 degC maximum, Hastelloy or Tantal wetted parts, food and beverage compatible

Product Description

The DS200P multifunction sanitary pressure gauge combines an electronic switch, analogue output sensor and digital readout all within one instrument. This combination of functions can be used to provide a signal to the process control system, a local alarm signal which can activate a warning light or sound, when pressure limits are exceeded and a visual display of the process pressure for thee operators of the process equipment.

This pressure instrument has been specially engineered to incorporate all the essential product features required by the pharmaceutical, food and drink processing industry. All materials exposed to the process media are welded stainless steel 316L with clean crevice free surfaces. To prevent contamination of the process due to a diaphragm failure, a non-toxic oil is used as the isolation fluid between the outer stainless steel diaphragm and the inner sensing element.

Various sizes of sanitary clamp and dairy pipe process connection can be provided depending on the sizes of pipe to which the sensor is being fitted. For high temperature processes it is possible to select the cooling element option which allows the sensors to be used with media up to 250degC for food grade applications and 300 degC for processes excluded from sanitary requirements.

The DS200P sanitary pressure sensor can also be used as hydrostatic level gauge with ranges as low as 0-1 mH2O (3 ftWG). The gauge mounted in any orientation and the display easily rotated and twisted for easy reading of the liquid height in the tank.

Product Applications

  • Steam boiler

Product Help

Chamber with high temperature steam

I plan to directly connect the DS200P to a chamber which will contain steam (100% water vapor) at a minimum of  100°C. I notice that the maximum temperature for the electronics on the data sheet is 85°C, so if I’m mounting the gauge directly to a chamber with a surface temperature of a t least 100°C, I don’t think it will be suitable, unless you can explain how we can get round this temperature limitation?

Assuming the ambient temperature is lower surrounding the chamber, it is possible to use this to protect the electronics from temperatures higher than 85°C.

DS200P hitempThe DS200P can have an optional cooling element between the process connection and the electronics to protect it from temperatures up to 200°C (300°C with FFKM seals), so the surface temperature of the chamber is not a problem as long as the surrounding air temperature is below +85°C which is the maximum operating temperature limit for the internal electronics.

Mounting the gauge underneath or on the side (the display can be rotated) of the chamber will also help reduce the air temperature immediately surrounding the gauge by avoiding the hot air rising above the chamber.

Displaying 3 decimal places

Will the display show 3 decimal places?

It will depend on the pressure range and the units you specify to display the pressure.  The are 4 digits available altogether over a range of -1999 … +9999.


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