Measurement Products

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  • Sensors - Devices for converting physical measurements into electrical signals.
  • Gauges - Instruments for displaying measurement readings.
  • Loggers - Recording instrumentation for storing measurement readings to analyse trends.
  • Calibrators - High accuracy test instrumentation for checking and adjusting measuring performance.
  • Indicators - Panel mount, standalone and retrofittable readouts for monitoring, controlling and displaying measurement readings.
  • Switches - Devices which close electrical contacts or activate a fixed amplitude signal when a measured threshold has been reached.



Measurement Answers

Browse through the latest questions and answers related to the following aspects of measurement techniques and product specifications

  • Accuracy - Measurement error performance specifications
  • Calibration - Techniques, terminology and using calibrators
  • Certification - Standards and approvals for general and specialised applications
  • Electrical Signal - Analogue and digital signal types
  • Environment - Ambient and process conditions that will be applied to measurement instrumentation.
  • Operation & Installation - Issues and best practises for using measurement equipment.
  • Measurement - Conversions and calculations of measurement readings
  • Product Selection - Products for specific application requirements



Measurement Guides

View the most recently added guidance articles for sourcing, setting up and using measurement equipment.


Measurement Tools

Choose a tool to simplify measurement calculations that you often use to convert input or outputs, engineering units and other specification checks.


Measurement TablesSelect a look-up table to convert measurement readings to other units.




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